Ben Wilson, Author

8 October 2023

Why I use Basecamp as an Author

As a writer, juggling multiple tasks is part of the game. From brainstorming ideas to engaging with my community, there’s a lot on my plate. That’s where Basecamp comes in. This all-in-one tool has become my go-to for managing my writer’s business. Here’s why.

All-in-One Platform

Basecamp is like a Swiss Army knife for project management. It has chat, to-do lists, message boards, and document storage, all in one place. No switching between apps. Everything I need is just a click away. This saves me time and keeps me organized.

I’m a part of IASFA, and right now we use Discord to collaborate on newsletters. But I don’t use Discord for much else, so I have to remember to open it to see what is going on. Basecamp emails interactions by default (you can turn that off), so you don’t have to go to the application to know what is going on. You can respond via email and the app updates your response on platform, meaning you can work almost completely by email.

I have a landing zone for my business, so that the major website I use (e.g., KDP) are a mouse click away. I don’t have to worry about losing bookmarks.

Community Engagement

One standout feature is the ability to create a space where I can bring in my insider fans for a more intimate conversation. This is a game-changer. Unlike social media or newsletters, where interactions can be shallow and noisy, Basecamp allows for deeper engagement. I can share updates, get feedback, and even co-create content with my community.

I use Basecamp for my hobbies, and with my family. Yep, we have projects, chats and other things happening there. That’s a much smaller community than a writer’s fanbase, but much more important.

Why Not Other Tools?

I’ve used other tools. I’ve used Google Docs, which is useful as a document editor, but it lacks the other features. I’ve used newsletters, which I still have using Hey World (a feature of the Hey email service). I’ve not found any tool that does task management as simply. When all you need is a checklist, Basecamp delivers. If you need a more robust project management solution, that’s what Basecamp is at its core.

One feature I absolutely love is the automated check-ins. It’s a virtual letter to my future self, a journal. Each day, I ask myself “what did you finish on your work in progress?” Each week, I ask myself for an overall recap. There have been weeks where I felt like I was swinging at air. But I could go back and read my past responses and see how much I accomplished. Seeing your daily word counts is useful. Reading how you had a tough week but still hit a respectable word count and made progress is more rewarding. 

Even when I hit my pause and focused on programming for a few months, I kept up with my journal. I have a couple year’s of me getting things done. Now that I’m trying to get back into the swing of things, reading back is inspiring.


Basecamp is not just a tool; it’s a solution to multiple challenges I face in managing my writer’s business. It’s an all-in-one platform that streamlines tasks, fosters community engagement, and keeps me organized. If you’re a writer looking for a robust project management tool, give Basecamp a try. You won’t regret it.