Ben Wilson, Author

10 March 2024

Setting the Clock Back, and TravellerCon

It was just a week ago I said I was going to use Ubuntu on Dell XPS as a daily driver for 30 days. Seven days in, I’m already pivoting. There were petty annoyances, such as the scroll direction never complying with my wishes or being inconsistently applied.

What’s the pivot? I’m going to use Windows 11 with WSL Linux. This will have me using the Windows UI, but dipping into Linux for the parts that matter. I can also use the hard drive to its fullest. This gives me access to Scrivener for Windows. I’ve used WSL to tinker with CSS for my website. Now I have 23 days to drive Windows only. My only regret is I opted for a slightly older XPS.

In other news, TravellerCon USA will be held 11-13 October. Traveller has intrigued me for decades. Some of its mechanics inspires the Postal Marines series. I have yet to play a game. The best way to learn is to join enthusiasts. And Lancaster is only a couple hours from home.

Ben Wilson, Author