Ben Wilson, Author

24 October 2022

Roadmap for 2023

Welcome to the seventh heartbeat of 2022. In the next couple of weeks, Scintilla, the fourth book of the Postal Marines, will be re-released. This caps my prior year’s writing effort. I don’t know about you, but I am super excited about getting these books out of my mind and into print. I know y’all don’t have a lot of time to read, so I will be brief.

I titled the post “Roadmap for 2023” for two reasons. My birthday is in October, so I will do my personal annual planning and resolutions this month. That’s right! I don’t wait until January to disappoint myself by failing in resolutions. I get it done before Thanksgiving. I call that over-achieving. Second, it will take me a year to deliver on the goal I am committing to you today.

Roadmap. I will publish four new books in 2023. They are part of a new Gaslamp Fantasy series that I started playing with in 2018. What would happen if we injected advanced technology into Colonial America? It may have a Guns of the South vibe, but with phlebotinum-fueled technology instead of time travel. But, where did the technology come from? That’s for me to know, and you to find out. I’ve already finished half of the first novel. I’ll be releasing them as a group next Summer. Stay tuned.

Learning. As a part-time author, each year is a new learning experience. I have worldbuilding on this new series circa 2018, and a quarter-complete first draft on the first book. But, the other books are as-yet unplotted. This year I will learn how to simultaneously write a book while plotting the next.

Assuming I am successful, my goal for next year is a new series and six books.