Ben Wilson, Author

3 December 2022

Review Salvage Title

Over the next year, I would like to not only read more fiction, but offer reviews of books or series I’m reading about once per month. I thought I would kick this off with the book Salvage Title by Kevin Steverson. I had the good pleasure to meet Kevin at the 20 Books Vegas conference. He’s a super decent fellow.

Salvage Title is the first of a trilogy about Harmon Tomeral. Starting as the quintessential orphan, he is working in ship salvage. Unlike Luke Skywalker, he gets to the Academy, but is bounced because of prejudice. Despite his setbacks, he has a well-tuned ability to find loopholes in regulations that allow him to rise and earn a ship of his own.

I’m trying not to introduce spoilers here. The book starts off a bit slow, with perhaps too much exposition. Once you press past that, you find a wonderfully thought out and told story. Kevin has a great imagination. When he told me about the book, he mentioned it had been optioned for a movie and the screenplay has been written. I’m looking forward to finishing the trilogy, then perhaps seeing it on the big (or little) screen.