Ben Wilson, Author

28 September 2023

Returning to Writing Ameliorate

Last month, I mentioned a pivot toward writing software. The problem with someone like me is that I have many interests and want to pursue them all at once. I managed to timebox my software venture to six months, April to October. I hit a good stopping point a couple weeks ago on the software project.

This week, I returned to my current work-in-progress Ameliorate. This is the first of the Naval Quartet, following the adventures of Ambrose Litovio after the Battle of Tanhuŝio. I was about 25% complete with the first draft. This week, I read through and edited what I wrote. Yesterday I wrote one of the key scenes that sets the stage for the remainder of the novel. I’m looking forward to getting this out of my mind and into your hands by December.

Ben Wilson, Author