Ben Wilson, Author

23 September 2022

Join Postal Marines

Eighteen years in the making, the first four novels of the Postal Marines are coming soon to an Amazon near you. The idea for the Postal Marines started in 2004, and I started plotting and writing in 2006. That includes rough plots for sixteen novels, grouped into four quartets.

The first quartet is in the can. I will release all four over the next six weeks.

For now, join Postal Recruit Danel Bophendze. As a freshly minted Postal Marine, he seeks success during his faltering first deployment. Bophendze installs an AI with a mind of its own into his brain. Aristocratic Ambrose Litovio abandoned a promising career in the Navy to join the Postal Service. He must serve the first-ever Postal admiral as open war looms between the Service and the Navy. Bophendze and Litovio struggle to survive the epic Battle of Tanhusio Gate. But for Bophendze, the real fight is in his head.