Ben Wilson, Author

30 October 2022

Hyperlegible, a Font for the Ages?

I’m taking a break from my planned six-week updates, and my regular writing, to mention an awesome new font. Years ago, I started a program in my organization to improve the Accessibility of our internally developed software. It warms my heart when something comes out that promotes Accessibility.

A new Accessibility font, Atkinson Hyperlegible, came out in August 2021. I only happened upon it because YouTube added a video showcasing Hyperlegible in my feed last night. I immediately fell in love with it. The team built Hyperlegible with a focus on ensuring its legibility along the broad spectrum of low visibility conditions.

This website previously used Source Sans Pro for its sans-serif font. I swapped that out for Hyperlegible earlier this morning. So if you see some odd character shapes and whatnot, just know that the font is readable by most people. I admit there are some aspects of the font that feel jarring (the reverse-slash in zeroes being one). But, I’ll adjust.