Ben Wilson, Author

13 February 2022

Heartbeat: February 2022

Postal Marines Needs You. Just picture an old guy in a top had pointing a finger at you. Would you help make this a success? I am looking for a few of my US-based insiders who will read the early draft and provide feedback. Not only will you get a free sneak peek, but I will mention your contribution in the book. All I ask is that you read the draft and give helpful, honest and kind feedback. Email me if you are interested.

Progress Made. In January, I announced the Postal Marines relaunch. Two more chapters until Maltuseblan’s Gambit is complete. I’ve added 20,000 words in nearly 30 hours. It is the follow on to Bellicose. I am tracking to finish the draft by the end of February. I kept pace despite losing a week to an unplanned surgery.

If you are curious to see how things are going, I track my progress on my website. It is a geeky tool pulling from a Google Sheet with custom coded analysis.

Audiobook Plans? A fan asked if I plan to release any of these books as audio books. Eventually. I would have to get them published first. Once they are successful, then it will be easier for me to recruit a good voice actor to produce the novel. I don’t know about you, but I take in a lot of content via audiobooks. My latest is Soundtracks by Jon Acuff, which dives into the good and bad of self-talk. It’s a good, brief listen.

What do you read? I will wrap up the first quartet of the Postal Marines this year. After that, I have 12 more in the series I could write. I am also looking for a new author or series to read. Let me know what you are interested in, and I’ll give it a look.

I’ll see you again in late March.