Ben Wilson, Author

19 November 2022

20 Books Vegas, 2022 Edition

Another 20 Books conference is in the can. The 20 Books concept is simple: a rising tide lifts all boats. Authors help authors improve as writers and in building their business. Only about twenty percent of what authors do focuses on content creation. The balance is running the business, including fan service, marketing, bookkeeping, etc.

I would like to call out a few notables. James Peet I met last year. He’s the one who told me to stop making excuses and finish the Postal Marines at 20 Books 2021. He was recently nominated for the Prometheus award. There’s Kevin Ikenberry, also met in 2021. He’s doing some great work. Also thanks to Jonathan Brazee, for his advice and encouragement during 20 Books Vegas.

None of this would be possible without Craig Martelle and the dozens of unnamed and awesome volunteers.

The most important thanks is to my wife Cathy. She joined me this year to understand what I want to do as an author.

Beyond the thanks to everyone, this past year I became an IASFA member. (International Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Authors) IASFA supports the professional development of SFF authors through shared opportunities, camaraderie, and targeted philanthropy. I may be helping out with their newsletter.